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Dirt Drop Drift- this is performed by dropping the rear tires off the road into the dirt to maintain or gain drift angle if losing power. (note: this technique is very useful for low horsepower cars, also good show move to produce a dirt rooster tail)

Kansei Drift- this is performed at race speeds, when entering a high speed corner a driver lifts his foot off the throttle while slightly turning into a corner to induce a mild over steer and then balances the drift through steering, braking and throttle motions. (note: the car that is being used for this style of drift should be a neutral balanced car therefore the over steer will be induce when this technique is applied, if the car plows through any turn this technique will not work)

Braking Drift- this is performed by braking before a corner while starting to turn in, vary the brake petal until loss of grip is obtained and then balance the over steer through steering and throttle motions.

Faint or Inertia Drift- this is performed by rocking the car towards the opposite direction of a turn and then using the rebound of grip to throw the car into the normal cornering direction. (note: this is heavy rally racing technique used to change vehicle attitudes during cornering)

Clutch Kick- this is performed by depressing the clutch pedal on approach or during a mild drift, then pop the clutch under power to give a sudden jolt through the driveline to upset rear traction.

Shift Lock- this is performed by letting the revs drop upon downshift into a corner and then releasing the clutch to put stress on the driveline to slow the rear tires inducing over steer. (this is like pulling the E-brake through a turn - note: this is best to be performed in the wet to minimize damage to the driveline etc)

Side Brake Drift- this technique is very basic, pull the E-Brake or (side brake) to induce rear traction loss and balance drift through steering and throttle play. (note this can also be used to correct errors or fine tune drift angles)

Jump Drift- in this technique the rear tire on the inside of a turn or apex is bounced over a rumble strip to help lose traction resulting in over steer.

Choku Dori- this is done by pulling the E-brake through a strait to start a high angel drift and to hold this angle to set up for the turn ahead. (note: this can only be done at high speed)

Manji- this is a slow swaying faint like drift where the rear end sways back and forth down a strait.

Power Over- this is performed when entering a corner and using full throttle to produce heavy over steer (tail slide) through a turn. (note: need horsepower to make this happen)


 Long Slide Drift - this is done by pulling the E-brake through a strait to start a high angel drift and to hold this to set up for the turn ahead. (note this can only be done at high speed)

FF Drift- or front wheel drive drift. The E-brake as well as steering and braking techniques must be used to balance the car through a corner. (note the E-brake is the main technique used to balance the drift)

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