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These great site are very worth viewing and may be educational! Ahaha~ I would of course be very glad if you add your links here! Thanks!
[P.S.-I use this page as closet for reciprocal links also. Since promoting my website and putting it in other directories means they also wanna see their link in my site,ne?

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Initial D official website (Japanese)From the publisher of the anime series. The site contains trailers and latest information on all releases including DVDs, Original Soundtracks, and new episodes air date. In Japanese only. 111 Clicks
InitialD games Official WebsiteThe official website for the popular racing arcade game Initial D Arcade Stage. Developed by SegaRosso, the website features an impressive layout with variety of information ranging from Course introduction to Cars spec to Internet Ranking and much 304 Clicks
Akagi's White CometFor the Ryosuke fans! The largest fansite/shrine dedicated the Initial D character Ryousuke Takahashi. The website includes all sort of information on the said character, from personality to his family. It's definitely your one-stop source for Ryousuke Takahashi from Initial D. 92 Clicks
Around the WorldPossibly the best English Initial D website out there on the net. around the world features tons of information such as music, character infos, teams, cars and manga and more. The best thing of the site is that even with that much info, it loads fairly quickly as it's optimized for 56k users. 105 Clicks
Euphoric Blitz From the same webmaster of Akagi's White Comet, Euphoric Blitz is a fansite/shrine dedicated to the cute Initial D character Keisuke Takahashi. (woohoo!!) Covers various topics ranging from personality analysis to family in stylish layout.75 Clicks
hachi-rokuNETThis is a general site to Initial D. Contains lots of information ranging from brief overview of each stage to episode summaries to relationships. The site also features some Initial D wallpapers made by fans, winamp skins, AIM icons and much more.149 Clicks
Initial D gallery stageInitial D Gallery Stage is a website that features real life location images that appeared in Initial D. Believe it or not, most if not all the locations mentioned in Initial D are real. This website goes out of their way to take pictures of these locations. In Japanese only. 124 Clicks
initial-D.comThe largest Initial D website dedicated to the popular arcade game Initial D Arcade Stage. The website consist of racing techniques used in Arcade Stage, shift points, terminology/glossary, and Arcade Stage video downloads. Nice....205 Clicks
The Drift KingThe official website of the "Drift King", Keichi Tsuchiya! A must-see211 Clicks
J-Blood The AE86's tuning parts.Also includes the Silvia,180SX,Civic Type R and Supra. The site's Japanese.263 Clicks


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This is a fansite & fanlisting dedicated to InitialD
as well as its
Please join the
fanlisting if you are a
fan of him!
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Drifting - is a technique used through a turn to
change a vehicles
attitude for
a proper exit.
Practicing this
technique is
good for a
vehicle that
has under
or over-steer
problems in cornering.
What is a fanlisting?
-A fanlisting is a web clique that lists
fans of a particular subject.
Unlike most
web cliques,
a person does
not need a web
site in order
to join. Fans from
around the
world submit their information
to their approved fanlisting
and they are
then listed
to show their love
for the subject
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